John Nash - Architect in Wales (eBook)
John Nash - Architect in Wales (eBook)
John Nash - Architect in Wales (eBook)
John Nash - Architect in Wales (eBook)

John Nash - Architect in Wales (eBook)

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This title is now out of print, but is available as an eBook.

This is a bilingual book.

This study explores John Nash's transition in late eighteenth-century Wales from obscure surveyor and carpenter to accomplished and innovative architect.

John Nash: Architect in Wales is the result of collaboration between the National Library of Wales and the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales. The text of the book has been written by Richard Suggett, a staff member of the Royal Commission, and is published to coincide with an exhibition on the work of Nash in Wales, drawing principally on the collections of the National Library, which has been co-ordinated by D. Michael Francis. The book traces Nash's remarkable architectural development in Wales. Over 40 sites are described in the catalogue raisonne, including several buildings which are attributed to Nash for the first time, notably Emlyn Cottage and Meidrim Workhouse. Preparation for this study has brought to light some important drawings as well as new documentation relating to Nash's early commissions. Special mention must be made of the drawings by Nash himself which are reproduced here for the first time: the plan of Emlyn Cottage and the elevation of Dolaucothi. Few drawings by Nash are known, and these are the earliest to have survived. It is hoped that the important series of documents relating to Nash's reconstruction of the west front of St. David's Cathedral, with the remarkable drawings by Pugin and Repton, will be the subject of a future exhibition and publication.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Entrance: Nash and Carmarthen - 9
  • Public Architecture - 21
  • The Villas - 37
  • Buildings and Landscape - 65
  • Picturesque Intricacies - 85
  • Final Exit: The Picton Monument - 107
  • Architectural Catalogue - 107
  • List of Illustrations - 129
Author  Richard Suggett, 1995
Pages 133
ISBN 1-871184-16-9