Glamorgan Inventory: Vol 3, Part 2: Medieval Secular Monuments, Non-defensive (eBook)

Glamorgan Inventory: Vol 3, Part 2: Medieval Secular Monuments, Non-defensive (eBook)

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This Inventory forms Part 2 of Volume III of the series planned for the county of Glamorgan. The volume will deal with all the medieval secular monuments of the county, Part 1 being an inventory of the castles and town walls of Glamorgan, and the present Part describing all other remains of nonecclesiastical type. The only possible exception to this rule has been the inclusion of monastic granges, which after some thought were described here because it was felt that in spite of ecclesiastical ownership their function was essentially secular.

Table of Contents

  • Map of Ecclesiastical Parishes
  • List of Plates
  • List of Figures
  • Chairman's Preface
  • Report, with List of Monuments selected by the Commissioners as especially worthy of preservation
  • List of Commissioners and Staff
  • List of Ecclesiastical Parishes, with incidence of Monuments
  • List of Civil Parishes, with incidence of Monuments
  • Abbreviated Titles of References
  • Presentation of Material
  • Historical Introduction
  • Maps and List of Non-Celtic Place-names in Glamorgan

Inventory. Part ii: Non-defensive

  • Platform Houses: Introduction
  • Platform Houses: Inventory
  • Platform Houses: Rejected Sites
  • Long-Huts and Homesteads: Introduction
  • Long-Huts and Homesteads: Inventory
  • Long-Huts and Homesteads: Rejected Sites
  • Appendix: Tarren Sites
  • Moated Sites: Introduction
  • Moated Sites: Inventory
  • Medieval Houses: Introductions and Inventory
  • Medieval Houses: Appendix: Miscellaneous Domestic Remains
  • Deserted and Shrunken Villages: Introduction
  • Deserted and Shrunken Villages: Inventory
  • Deserted and Shrunken Villages: Vanished Sites
  • Monastic Granges: Introduction
  • Monastic Granges: Inventory
  • Field Systems: Introduction
  • Field Systems: Inventory
  • Rabbit Warrens and Pillow Mounds: Introduction
  • Rabbit Warrens and Pillow Mounds: Annotated List of Recorded Rabbit Warrens
  • Rabbit Warrens and Pillow Mounds: Inventory of Pillow Mounds
  • Roads: Introduction
  • Roads: Inventory
  • Miscellanea: Introduction
  • Miscellanea: Inventory
  • Miscellanea: Rejected Sites
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Plates
  • Map of Civil Parishes