Brecknock: Part ii: Hill-forts and Roman Remains (eBook)

Brecknock: Part ii: Hill-forts and Roman Remains (eBook)

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This title is now out of print, but is available as an eBook.

This publication forms Part ii of the first Inventory volume planned for the county of Brycheiniog, Anglice Brecknock. The volume will deal with the Prehistoric and Roman monuments of the county, Part i being an inventory of Neolithic and Bronze Age sites and all undefended settlements of probable pre-Norman date, and the present Part describing those enclosures which can be classed broadly as hill-forts or related structures, and all Roman remains. Altogether 77 monuments are described in detail in this Part, and the staff concerned have investigated nearly 100 sites during the course of the work. There is also a thorough examination of the probable routes of Roman roads in the County.

Table of Contents

  • List of Figures
  • Chairman's Preface
  • Editorial Note
  • Report, with List of Monuments selected by the Commissioners as especially worthy of Preservation
  • List of Commissioners and Staff
  • List of Ecclesiastical Parishes, with incidence of Monuments
  • List of Civil Parishes, with incidence of Monuments
  • Abbreviated Titles of References
  • Presentation of Material


  • Part ii: Hill-forts and Related Structures and Roman Remains

Introductory Note

  • The Physical Background
  • Hill-forts and Related Structures
  • Hill-forts: Inventory
  • Hill-forts: Omitted Sites
  • Roman Remains
  • Forts
  • Other Military Works
  • Roads
  • Civil Sites
  • Sites of Uncertain Status
  • Other Remains
  • Suggested Sites and Finds
  • Omitted Sites and Finds
  • Index of National Grid References
  • Glossary: General
  • Glossary: Welsh Place-name Elements
  • General Index