Brecknock: Later Prehistoric Monuments and Unenclosed Settlements To 1000 A.D. (eBook)

Brecknock: Later Prehistoric Monuments and Unenclosed Settlements To 1000 A.D. (eBook)

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This publication forms Part i of the Royal Commission's Inventory of the Prehistoric and Roman remains of the County of Brecknock (Brycheiniog). Part ii, Hill-Forts and Roman remains was produced in 1986. This volume covers Mesolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age sites with all undefended and unenclosed settlements of probable pre-Norman date, together with summary finds lists and a handlist of Dark Age inscribed stones. Of particular interest in this volume are plans of the unenclosed settlements, some forming parts of palimpsest landscapes, the survey of which was a new departure for the Royal Commission.


  • Part i: Later Prehistoric Monuments and Unenclosed Settlements to 1000 A.D.
  • Physical Background and Post-glacial History
  • Cave Archaeology
  • Prehistoric (and later) cave sites
  • The Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Periods
  • Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic sites and findspots
  • Neolithic Settlement and Burial
  • Neolithic Court Tombs
  • Burial and Ritual Structures of the Bronze Age
  • Round Cairns and Barrows of the Bronze Age
  • Other Bronze Age Burials and Lost Cairns; Tithe Award and other Placenames
  • Stone Circles and Stone Settings
  • Stone Circles and Stone Settings: the sites
  • Standing Stones
  • Standing Stones: the sites
  • Mounds of Burned Stone
  • Burned Mounds
  • Later Prehistoric and Protohistoric Settlement
  • Unenclosed Settlements
  • Hillforts (Addendum to Vol 1 (ii)
  • Early Medieval Landholding, Estates and Ecclesiastical Centres
  • Crannog
  • A Handlist of Early Christian Stones
  • Later Prehistoric Lithic Finds
  • Handlist of Bronze Age Bronze Artefacts
  • Index of National Grid References
  • Glossary: General
  • Glossary: Welsh Place-name Elements
  • General Index